The Bering Sea is the one of world's largest, measuring an enormous 2,270,000 sq km.

Its pristine icy conditions and dynamic ecosystem make it home to some of the world's most interesting wildlife including whales, sea lions, polar bears, over 30 species of sea birds and 419 species of fish.

Alaskan king crab fishing is carried out off the coast of Alaska, the Aleutian Islands, and Kamchatka on the Russian side, where our fishing vessels catch.

The continued existence of these fisheries requires an intact, healthy and productive ecosystem, which is well guarded by both Russian and American fishing authorities. The Russian federal Fisheries and Protection of Aquatic Biological Resources Department controls and regulates their strict quota system to insure industrial fisheries respect the natural resources. The Fishing Regulations Acts specify seasonal closures, restricted areas, catch sizes, and restricted levels of by catch.

On board our vessels these rules are reinforced and enhanced by ongoing crew education on sustainability and marine ecology. We insist on using the largest grids on our crab cages (hence allowing the smaller crab to escape, retaining only large adult males), and adopting eco-friendly practices with respect to water usage, sanitisation and environmental health and safety.

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