Alaskan Crab Company (a division of Deep Sea Harvest Pty Ltd) is owned and operated by an Australian family in Sydney. Long time foodies, the Directors have a rich history in processing and distributing local product. After 20 years of commercial fishing in the infamous Bering Sea and exporting premium seafood to all corners of the globe, they finally brought their prized catch to Australian shores.

The Company is a fusion of local processing knowledge and fishing expertise. The highest grade crab is selected from each catch for the Australian market. Quality, size and the range of crab meat products continuously impresses the top chiefs of Australia.

Specialising in high end, top quality seafood products for the food service industry as well as the retail market, the Company is proud of its record and reputation for adhering to the highest standards of sustainability, food handling, occupational health and safety, hygiene and energy efficiency.

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